Safa High School & Jr. College

Our Founder - Late Mr Shahabuddin Shaikh (RA)

The legacy and brainchild of Late Mr Shahabuddin Shaikh (RA) – Safa High School & Junior College lies in the heart of South Mumbai. Our Founder had the simplest, most remarkable vision. An Institution where students of our community receive Educational Experience beyond Schooling.
A school that focuses on both Scholastic and Spiritual growth & a curriculum that is a perfect blend of strong Islamic Values & Academics.
His Nobel vision gave birth to SAFA- where children are groomed & empowered to excel in Deen & Academia alike.
Mr Shahbuddin Shaikh endeavoured to uplift & empower the community throughout his life.
He created this safe space for children to learn vital life skills & form deep connections with rich Islamic culture & faith.
SAFA is now the proud alma mater of more than 600 students.

Our Vision

• To Empower young minds to break Stereotypes, achieve momentous Success in both worlds, and practice our Deen around the world.
• To reach the Zenith of Academic & Spiritual training, and position SAFA among the elite Islamic Schools of our country.
• To Develop & Uplift members of the community through Deen & Education.

Our Mission

• To foster Global Citizens, by developing the overall personality of our students- making them valuable assets to mankind.
• To achieve excellence in comprehensive Scholastic & Moral training.
• To keep growing as an Institution & empower our community by providing the best Academic & Islamic Education to our students.

Our Objectives

• To endow respectable intellectuals upon our community by creating an atmosphere conducive to excellence.
• To facilitate critical & creative thinking, collaborative learning, knowledge application, and physical fitness.
• To constantly upgrade our facilities & provide the best resources that help our students become True Momins.


(..Highly trained & Skilled Instructors)


(..Who are successful Professionals & Aalims. )


(From 90 students in 2002, we’ve come a long way!)

Sq.feet Campus

(..That started as 4 classrooms)


(..Of experience in moulding Young Minds)


(..Excelling at both Deen & Dunya)


Nurturing a child in the 21st Century is a great responsibility for parents. Especially when it comes to preserving our Islamic values.

When you pick a school, you choose the environment your child will be a part of in the impressionable years of their life.

Keeping their future in mind, Safa High School & Junior College believes in providing an all-round development of your child, where the teachings of Deen and Duniya go hand in hand.

(Picture: From Annual Function Event where one of our student became a teacher and teaching other students)

our features

Here are a few things you should know about us

Dedicated Buildings

For Hifz, Pre-Primary & Other Departments

Segregated Hours & Classrooms

For boys and girls

Advanced Technology

Well-equipped I.T & Science labs for practical experiments

Happy Minds

A Counseling Department with a full-time Counseling Psychologist & Consulting educationists.

Healthy Bodies

Medical & Dental evaluation of children by Experts.

Wholesome Meals

A well-maintained & hygienic canteen.

What People Say About Us

“..Imparting quality modern education with Islamic teachings in an Islamic environment is the need of the hour. SAFA School is
performing this duty towards the community & country diligently. I extend my best wishes for the further success of SAFA

~ Mr. Abu Asim Azmi


“..SAFA High school is doing excellent work for the welfare of society by rendering its services to students for the last 19 years.
Their service has brought positive changes to the lives of many students & their families. I convey my heartiest congratulations
to the teaching & non-teaching staff of the school..”

Mr. Amin Patel


My boys were ex-students of an another school but ALLAH helped us to reach SAFA and Alhamdulillah I have no regrets of changing the school. SAFA has given my sons something which was missing in our life- 'DEEN'."

Mrs. Saba Sakarwala


“..Alhamdulillah, our decision of shifting our son from a Convent School to Safa High School & Junior College has been worth
the risk. We are thankful to the teachers for the impact they have left on our child and for the Deen that my son has transferred
to us little by little every day after school..”

Mrs. Nazeer Kalsekar


“..I developed good life skills and religious values from my school which has helped me in moulding my personality..”

Saudagar Zakira

2015 Batch, MBBS Student

“..Safa has given me the confidence and the hope to be like the few shining stars with dark nights of history..”

Motorwala Junaid Saleem

2011 SSC topper, pursuing PhD in Hadith