Our Departments


Every year, The Hifz Department selects a batch of students from the Primary Department.
This is a choice group of students who’ve shown great potential & have been selected for the Hifz Programme.
After the stringent qualifying process, they are shifted to the Department dedicated to Hifz Studies.
This batch learns under the guidance of a special set of instructors that impart both Hifz & Academic Knowledge.
Our syllabus is curated to give our students 5-6 hours of Intensive Hifz Training every day.
The training doesn’t simply include Hifz, it also focuses on important life lessons from The Holy Quran, Tarjuma, Adab, Akhlaq, virtues of a Hafiz and the character of our Holy Prophet (SAWW).

Hifz Training is completed by the time our students are promoted to 8th. They continue their Dora’h for a year along with a consistent Academic Routine, & attain the status of Hafiz before they enter grade 9. SAFA is extremely proud of having churned out 84 Hafiz-e-Quraan till date.
Most of them have been SSC Board Exam toppers- thanks to the excellent & diligent training during their Hifz Tenure.
9 of our most excellent Hifz students have set a phenomenal record of reciting The entire Holy Quran in a day, in 15.5 hours!
Today, our Hafiz’ are successful professionals in various fields. Most of them are accomplished to lead Ramadan Taraweeh Prayers in various Mosques.