Primary Section

This department includes grades 1st - 4th, where the main focus is conceptual learning, cognitive skills, & the development of verbal & non-verbal communication. The formation & mastery of these skills further helps our students to qualify in the Hifz screening process. The Primary Department serves as the transitional phase between mental development & personality development stages. Our curriculum is designed to provide a hands-on learning experience through our ingenious teaching methods & practical application of concepts. Crucial training received in this stage acts as the foundation for our students’ careers.

(Pic: From Annual Function Event 2019)

Meet our Primary Coordinator

Ms Raeesa Malkani

(HSC, D.Ed, Aalima)

“The first day I stepped onto the premises of this school as a teacher was indeed a significant day of my life.
It has been 16 remarkable years since. This glorious institution has become an integral part of my life.
As I stand here today, I feel immense pride to be a part of this Noble Training of young minds. Our aim is to prepare our students spiritually, academically and in accordance with their God-given potential, enabling them to handle the rigours of life with courage.
I don’t believe anything is impossible if we have the right mindset. May The Almighty help us in our endeavours.”

Mrs Raeesa is a fine Aalima & a devoted Coordinator. Her optimistic and wholesome attitude is not only contagious but also inspirational. She is deeply respected by the entire staff & is in charge of the management and functioning of the Primary Department.