Pre-Primary Department

Pre-primary schooling at Safa High School helps children learn and grow in a warm and stimulating Islamic environment.
We believe in making learning a fun activity and an ever cherishing experience.
Physical & personal development is of paramount importance at SAFA as it’s crucial to the overall development of a child.
The indoor and outdoor games and activities at SAFA are designed to foster your child’s development of gross motor skills, stamina, balance, rhythm, strength, agility, and concentration.
We help your child understand and explore their immediate environment & also try to inculcate within them the Basic technique of exploring, questioning, and drawing conclusions.

(Pic: From Pre-Primary Community Helper Event)

Meet our Pre-Primary Coordinator

Ms. Nikhat Makrani


“I joined SAFA as a Pre-primary teacher in 2006. In 2012, I was promoted to the post of Pre-primary Coordinator.
I strongly believe that hard work, perseverance, and sacrifice will guide you to success and I teach our students exactly that.
SAFA has taught me so much. Especially; that when you work with zeal & dedication, you are sure to receive the fruits of labour.
I take pride in SAFA’s vision and I am honoured to be a part of an ever-growing Institution.”

Mrs Nikhat is one of the most dedicated and sincere members of our staff.
She coordinates the functioning of the Pre-primary Department.
She has won several Best teacher awards, & is a fine painter and artist.