Hifz, Tajweed & Deeniyat

Hifz Department

Every year, The Hifz Department selects a batch of students from the Primary Department.
This is a choice group of students who’ve shown great potential & have been selected for the Hifz Programme.
After the stringent qualifying process, they are shifted to the Department dedicated to Hifz Studies.
This batch learns under the guidance of a special set of instructors that impart both Hifz & Academic Knowledge.
Our syllabus is curated to give our students 5-6 hours of Intensive Hifz Training every day.
The training doesn’t simply include Hifz, It also focuses on important life lessons from The Holy Quran, Tarjuma, Adab, Akhlaq, virtues of a Hafiz and the character of our Holy Prophet (SAWW).
Hifz Training is completed by the time our students are promoted to 8th. They continue their Dora’h for a year along with a consistent Academic Routine, & attain the status of Hafiz before they enter grade 9.
SAFA is extremely proud of having churned out 84 Hafiz-e-Quraan till date.
Most of them have been SSC Board Exam toppers- thanks to the excellent & diligent training during their Hifz Tenure.
9 of our most excellent Hifz students have set a phenomenal record of reciting The entire Holy Quran in a day, in 15.5 hours!
Today, our Hafiz’ are successful professionals in various fields. Most of them are accomplished to lead Ramadan Taraweeh Prayers in various Mosques.

(Pic: From Qirat Competition 2020)


Maulana Shahnawaaz Khan

(Hafiz, Qari, Aalim Faazil, B.A, M.A, B.Ed)

“The day a child becomes a Hafiz is celebrated by their family, peers, and the staff at SAFA. It’s an emotional and magnificent moment to witness the students receiving their Sanad (degree) after years of sheer hard work and dedication. I am extremely proud of the work that we have been able to do over these years. We are disciplined & committed when it comes to Taleem-e-Quran. I want all SAFA families to witness that joyous day when their children become Hafiz. And, I wish that the no. of students in our Department multi-folds.”

An excellent orator, exquisite pen-man, marvellous teacher & devout Muslim. Maulana Shahnawaaz heads The Hifz Department along with the English Training of the Ulema.
He has successfully trained 80+ Hafiz to excellence & is taking more students under his wing every day.
He is fluent in Arabic, Urdu, English, Hindi, and Persian. He writes positive, insight-rich articles about the importance of Islamic and Moral values, Current affairs, and the Muslim community. He has drafted several articles for monthly magazines like “Huda Urdu Magazine” & he publishes an article in the “Urdu Times Daily”, every Friday. 

tajweed Department

Tajweed & Deeniyat - an Islamic-ethical course has been prepared and designed specifically for the youth of this generation.
Great emphasis is laid on personality, character building, Aadaab, Akhlaaq, Hifz, Islamic values & most-importantly, The Sunnah.

(Pic: From Qirat Competition 2020)

Meet our HEAD ulema

Mufti Ataullah Qasmi

(Mufti, Aalim, Hafiz)

“In the name of Allah (SWT), the most gracious and the most merciful, the sustainer and the cherisher of the universe.
All praise be only for Almighty Allah (SWT) who allowed me to serve at SAFA; one of the most well-known Islamic Institutions in Mumbai. Alhumdulillah, It’s an honour to teach Tajweed at SAFA where I am showered with respect, love and honour. After I was appointed, our beloved Shahabuddin Sir (R.A) suggested that I attend the Majlis e Dawatul Haq to enhance my learnings in Quranic-Tajweed so I’d be able to impart the best Quranic training.
Alhamdulillah, I trained under the supervision of Hazrat Shah Abrarul Haq Sahab (R.A). Our main purpose was to instil various life skills in our students by creating a Pure, Islamic Environment for them. With years of hard work, we have been successful in maintaining a balance of both- Deen & Dunya.”

Mufti Sahab has been a part of this journey right from our humble beginnings.
He is a key member of our faculty & the soul of our Tajweed Department.
He performs his duties wholeheartedly & has had a huge role to play in SAFA’s success.

Deeniyat Department

Education at SAFA is a unique blend of intensive Academic training and powerful Islamic essence.
The syllabus of Deeniyat at SAFA has been compiled with great emphasis on the Tarbiyyah of students, instilling in them excellent Adab and Akhlaaq. The Quranic teachings include proper Makhraj and Tajweed.
Our staff is well-trained with highly skilled Ulema & Expert Professors.
Every child gets personal attention from our Experts due to our high Teacher to Student Ratio (1:10).

(Pic: From Qirat Competition 2020)

Masnun Duas Zakat HajjNamaz
Recitation of the QuranQurbaniAqiqaWudhu & Ghusl
Purity & ImpurityNikah & TalaqAqaidIslamic History
Seeratun Nabi Life of the SahabasRights of our parentsEtiquettes of life, etc.

Meet our Deeniyat ulema

Maulana Usaid

(Head Of Deeniyat)

“Acquiring knowledge of Deen is obligatory to every Muslim so that they can differentiate between lawful and unlawful, legal and illegal and be acquainted with the necessary Masail (Problems) of the Religion. Our aim was to create a perfect Deeniyat Syllabus that focussed on the illumination of young minds. Our students thoroughly memorize their Deeniyat Lessons and are trained to practice them in their daily routine. We pray that ALLAH SWT accepts our humble endeavours & grants us continuous success.”

Maulana Usaid has compiled an exemplary, one-of-a-kind Deeniyat syllabus for SAFA. His contributions have been crucial to the progress of our School’s Curriculum. Due to his tireless efforts, our Deeniyat Syllabus is well-renowned in Mumbai, and several Islamic Schools have adopted it as their own.