Curriculum & Academics

Our Academics

We believe that education of a high calibre speaks to young hearts and minds.
Thanks to our diverse curriculum our students are known for their brilliance & top scores in their Academic examinations.
Hifz & Deeniyat trains young minds to grasp & retain crucial information at a faster pace than an average child their age.
Our Teachers disseminate & infuse our rich culture & faith in all their Academic lessons and training.
Extra-curriculars like Sports, Cultural programs, Inter-school & Inter-college competitions, and Annual day participation also form an integral part of the school’s culture.

Our Curriculum

Our Curriculum is designed to guide our students towards their aspirations by helping them discover their natural talents and nurturing them to perfection. In that respect- SAFA provides an environment where children can follow their own path to self-discovery and learn to showcase their talents without fear. Our Academic Curriculum is in tune with the Maharashtra State Syllabus (SSC and HSC) & is strongly integrated across classes with subsequent classes building on knowledge from the previous year. We have a Special Curriculum designed for Tajweed. Our Mediums of Instruction are- English, Hindi, Urdu, Arabic and Marathi.

EXtra Curricular

One of the most important objectives at SAFA is the overall development of our students.
Along with academics, Deen and sports, cultural growth plays a huge role in the development of a child’s psyche & cognitive development.
A strong emphasis is laid on the active involvement of students in an extensive range of extra-curricular activities that are designed to further their physical, moral, social, and intellectual development.
Our extra-curricular activities are fun, educating, & have a learning tool.
Students look forward to our events, strive to win them, & also end up learning valuable life lessons from them.
Our Sports activities include Football, Basketball, Throwball, Hapkido, Martial Arts, & several Indoor & Outdoor Games.
Cultural activities, regular field trips, camping, and educational tours are also a huge part of our extra-curricular activities