Our Achievements

Achievements are done after a long practice and efforts in a right direction.

With 100% results in board exams for 8 consecutive years, & 84 Hafiz-e-Quran’, Safa has proven itself as a Model School in the arena of Academic as well as Islamic Studies.
From 90 students and 4 classrooms in 2002 to over 1700 students and a 16,000+ sq. feet campus, we have come a long way.
With our proud alumni of over 600 students, 150+ teaching faculty & a strong parent-teacher partnership, SAFA has successfully made it to the league of one of the best schools in South Mumbai.


Scholars are taught, motivated and guided on every aspects of their life.

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Name of the StudentClassPercentage
Hafiz Motorwala Junaid SaleemSSC92%
Name of the StudentClassPercentage
Hafiz Kapadia Salman SalimSSC91%

Name of the StudentClassStreamPercentage
Reshamwala Fatima RizwanSSC-91%
Shaikh Umme Anam Sagir AhmedHSCArts72.67%
Batliwala Ahmed Mohd FarookHSCScience70.33%
Hafiz Motorwala Junaid SaleemHSCCommerce70.16%

Name of the StudentClassStreamPercentage
Shaikh Eeman ZubairSSC-94%
Bookwala Khansa Abdul KaderHSCArts81.23%
Khizr Sadiya SirajHSCScience77.23%
Qureshi Ayesha Mohd FarookHSCCommerce82.62%

Name of the StudentClassStreamPercentage
Sarguru Simra RizwanSSC-94%
Sumayya Wajahul QamarHSCScience81.23%
Mozawala Juveriya UsmanHSCCommerce73.69%

Name of the StudentClassStreamPercentage
Damudi Amna Nazifah Abdus SalamSSC-91%
Shaikh Mariyam MohiddinHSCScience84%
Khan Iqra Fatima Mohd AyyubHSCCommerce82%
Mistry Umaima MujahidHSCArts74%

Name of the StudentClassStreamPercentage
Hafiz Mozawala Fawzan RizwanSSC-91%
Mulla Saima Nisar AhmedHSCArts86.46%
Sarguru Simra RizwanHSCScience86.15%
Tahira Jamal Mohd KalamuddinHSCCommerce82.92%

Name of the StudentClassStreamPercentage
Khan Adnan Shamim AhmedSSC-91%
Shaikh Juveriya GayasuddinHSCArts85.69%
Manekiya Sadiya UsmanHSCCommerce82.15%
Qureshi Suhema Mohd FarooqueHSCScience75.38%

Name of the StudentClassStreamPercentage
Shaikh Khadija Mohd KhalidSSC-85%
Khan Soofiya M AyyubHSCCommerce88.92%
Hafiz Mozawala Fawzan RizwanHSCScience82.31%
Tapadar Sumaiya BegumHSCArts81.69%

Name of the StudentClassStreamPercentage
Hafiz Shaikh Mohammed Zakwan Abdul HannanSSC-92%
Hafiz Bhoira Ammar RashidHSCCommerce86.81%
Farooqui NabilaHSCScience80.46%
Qazi Aaminah AhmedHSCArts73.84%

Name of the StudentClassStreamPercentage
Malim Misbah ParvezSSC-96%
Reshamwala Safana Mohd KhalidHSCArts93.16%
Khilonawala Fatima ImranHSCCommerce92.83%
Sarguru Bushra Mohd ImranHSCScience91.16%